Fort Sill will change the process for Soldiers registering for motorcycle and driving safety classes.

On Oct. 1 the installation will migrate to the Digital Training Management System to register and track Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP) courses for Soldiers.

In July, Headquarters, Army Installation Management Command Fort Sam Houston, Texas, issued an operation order mandating all training be tracked in DTMS, said Kenneth Broughton, Installation Safety Office chief. "We've been working the migration issue since July. As of Oct. 1, all Fort Sill ATSTP courses will be on the DTMS training calendar."

Since 2007, Soldiers used the Army Installation Management Command Registration System, or AIRS, to sign up for the driving and motorcycle riding training provided under ATSTP at the Fort Sill's Motorcycle Training Facility. The AIRS registration system allowed Soldiers to self-register by going to an online site, search for the training they wanted and then apply for it. This often bypassed the Soldier's chain of command, Broughton said.

"Under the old system, Soldiers regularly signed up for ATSTP courses without any leader involvement, or approval," he explained. "Under the new system, Soldiers must get approval from the company commander before they can be enrolled in a course by their unit school's NCO."

The new course registration is a step in the right direction. The change in the registration process is the same DTMS mechanisms Soldiers used in the past to schedule and annotate weapons qualification on the range. It is now used to schedule and track their ATSTP courses.

"The training done at Fort Sill is documented and transfers with that Soldier wherever he or she goes in the Army," Broughton said.

Under ATSTP, Fort Sill offers three motorcycle safety courses: a basic course for beginners, experienced rider courses for cruisers, and an advanced course for sport bike riders. The driving training courses offered are intermediate drivers training for Soldiers under age 26 and remedial driving training as a tool to assist leaders with Soldiers who are identified as at risk drivers. Specific ATSTP training is required by Army Regulation 385-10, The Army Safety Program, and Fort Sill Motorcycle Safety Program, CG Policy Memo 12-06, dated May 11, 2012.