The Multi-National Corps-Iraq logistics staff assisted its counterparts from the Iraqi Ground Forces Command during a video teleconference with the 2nd Iraqi Army Division Thursday.

MNC-I logistics offered support to the IGFC staff as they used the VTC to gain feedback on the status of some of the 2nd IA Div.'s equipment, said Col. Ronald Pulignani, IGFC-Military Transition Team G-4 advisor, MNC-I.

The conference was just one piece of the puzzle in an ongoing effort by the Corps staff to help build the Iraqi Army from the ground up, starting with its supply force.

The conferences and the guidance from our staff will help the Iraqi army become more self-reliant, said Col. Edward F. Dorman, C-4, MNC-I.

"This has allowed us to understand [the Iraqi army's] strengths and weaknesses," Dorman said. "We can advise and say whether or not the unit is ready."

During the meeting, the IGFC G-4 asked for the statuses of the 2nd IA Div.'s ammunition, fuel, vehicles, life support and camps to understand what the division had on hand and to look for excess and shortages of equipment, Pulignani said.

"[The IGFC G-4 and 2nd IA Div.] also talked about body armor, boots and uniforms for soldiers, and the proper procedures for disposing of old uniforms," Pulignani said.

Also discussed were the policies and procedures the division may need to implement to make sure they're doing things right, such as consumption reports, property accountability, command supply discipline and reporting discrepancies, Dorman said.

"The IGFC G-4 analyzed the operations center report that was sent up and worked through the minor discrepancies via the VTC," Dorman said. "He wants to make sure there is an understanding that accountability is paramount, and taking ownership of equipment gives the unit pride and enables them to accomplish their mission."

The VTCs, which are used regularly in order for the IA divisions and the IGFC to discuss operations reports, occur routinely with firm time scheduled in the mornings and evenings each day, Pulignani said.

"It's a new capability that was just stood up within the last month," said Pulignani. "Previously, meetings were done by phone or e-mail. The VTC is a 24-hour capability."

The Corps C-4 working with the IGFC staff shows the effort the Corps is exerting to help them assist other IA divisions and the Iraqi Army as a whole.

"It builds trust and credibility that we're in this for the long haul," Dorman said. "We're willing to work on our side and theirs, and talking through their requirements daily helps professionalize their staff."

Overall, the program that was started only little more than a month ago will continue to pay off greatly in regards to better preparing the Iraqi Army.

"Our plans for the future will be to continue to refine our ways of doing business, begin to build some capability to do logistical contingency planning so in the event that they have to react to something, they are better prepared to," Dorman said. "The IGFC G-4 has very good ideas and is very passionate about moving logistics ahead. It's good to see our logistics staff can work together just as well as our Soldiers fighting in the field."