Col. Victor S. Hagan accepted the Letterkenny Army Depot flag and the responsibility of command from U.S. Aviation and Missile Command Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Lynn A. Collyar Friday.Hagan is the depot's 47th commander.Held at the Depot's recreation area pavilion, the ceremony featured an Army Materiel Band quartet, unique color guard, comprised of military and civilian Team Letterkenny workforce members, and witnessed by more than a number of local officials, family, friends and employees.A ceremony held prior to the Change of Command recognized outgoing depot commander, Col. Cheri A. Provancha, for her outstanding performance, who received a number of distinguished awards, including The Legion of Merit.Provancha became the commander at Letterkenny in September 2009, and will become the III Corps Chief of Logistics at Fort Hood, Texas.Under Provancha's leadership, has been recognized for manufacturing excellence and making improvements in the industrial facilities, safety trends and environmental practices.All told, Letterkenny Army Depot has received seven Shingo Awards for excellence in manufacturing and skillfully applying Lean principles.Collyar lauded Provancha for her three-year tour of duty."Cheri is a leader, a warrior and an innovator," he said. "This is a capability-based depot that has a global reach. Letterkenny excels in delivering the highest-quality products at the least-possible cost."The depot is able to do that -- day in and day out -- because Cheri takes care of people, and the people execute the mission. Plus, both the Army Chief of Staff and the Vice -- two four-star General Officers who have served downrange for nine years in this 12-year war -- have said that a no time has a mission commander been in want of logistical support."That speaks highly of the superb efforts that the LEAD workforce continuously demonstrates to provide equipment for America's Sons and daughters in harm's way."Provancha, a 28-year veteran, said that she remains in awe of the Depot's capabilities, dedication and honor."We have made significant strides and performed miracles," Provancha said. "The partnerships that we have made with industry absolutely keep this machine rolling."It's been a great ride. The stellar achievements that we have recorded exemplify the Army Values, and I thank you for permitting me to have part of the team."Hagan most recently served as the Director of the Washington Office in the Pentagon for the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command.Hagan, a 14--year veteran and Louisville native said that his previous assignment will dovetail nicely with his Depot Commander responsibilities. "It was eye-opening to have that experience and to watch how the Department of Defense interacts with other departments and agencies," Hagan said. "For example, the work we did with Homeland Security and FEMA in support of state and local partners in emergencies was most enlightening. In its liaison function, the NORAD and U.S. NORTHCOM Washington office aided the Wildfire fighting efforts in Colorado by providing the aircraft to drop retardant."We also had the Air Sovereignty Mission, with aircraft on call 24 hours a day to protect the nation's Airspace."For 15 months -- August, 2006 to November, 2007 -- I was in charge of a command corps support Battalion in Iraq. Some of the equipment that we used, actually came from Letterkenny. Before that, I was Field Artillery officer, and now I actually see the radar systems and the PATRIOT systems, which brings back fond memories."I thank Col. Cheri and the community who actually make things work. The depot has a great reputation, and my goal is to continue to build on that reputation of world-class support to warfighters and our partners around the world."