Two U.S. Army engineers are being recognized by Great Minds in STEM for their achievements and dedication to protecting and serving the nation.

Leticia Pacheco, an engineer with the Research, Development and Engineering Command's Army Research Laboratory, and Angel Castro, an engineering technician with RDECOM's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, will receive their awards at the 24th annual Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference. Great Minds in STEM, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing STEM education, hosts the three-day conference Oct. 11-13 in Orlando, Fla.

Castro is being recognized as a Military Luminary, which according to HENAAC, share three common factors: they are highly respected by their peers and management; they are valuable authorities in their fields; and they are blazing the trail for future generations of engineers and scientists.

"Mr. Castro, a retired Army noncommissioned officer, continues to be a day-to-day mentor to our engineers and scientists," said Alvin Thornton, Director of the ECBC Engineering Directorate. "He brings a Warfighter's perspective to our mission."

"His unique capabilities and qualities set [him] apart from others," said Humberto Galarraga, chief of Detection Decontamination Engineering Division. "He is selflessly dedicated not only to the Warfighter's mission, but the mission of the center to provide the highest quality services to our customers in the assessment of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear equipment."

Pacheco will be recognized by HENAAC during The Salute to our STEM Military & Civilian Heroes dinner at the conference.

"Dr. Pacheco believes in giving back to the community," said Laurel Allender, director of ARL's Human Research and Engineering Directorate.

"[She creates] opportunities for students to have a rich educational experience," she added. "Not only is Dr. Pacheco the consummate leader and professional, she is also an excellent science, technology, engineering and math role model."