WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii -- The 19th Military Police Battalion Criminal Investigation Detachment (CID), 6th Military Police Group cased its colors and prepared for nine months overseas during a deployment ceremony, here, Aug. 3.

The more than 30 Soldier strong unit will take charge of CID operations in Afghanistan and Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and New Dawn respectively.

The 19th "Pacific Justice" Battalion (CID), A unique unit, focused on highly technical capability versus sheer strength of force will experience its second deployment after transitioning from Korea to Hawaii in 2009. The battalion also holds the title of the first CID battalion headquarters deployed to operation enduring Freedom.

"This formation in front of you has been tasked with a challenge of supporting our nation's and coalition's war fighters as they continue the important mission to provide stability security, rule of law and an opportunity to a people," said Lt. Shannon-Mikal Col Lucas, commander 19th MP Bn. (CID). "They will deploy to a country that is at war within itself and from outside."

Lucas continued,"[We]will deploy and spend the next nine month conducting felony criminal investigations and support efforts associated with forensic application, biometrics, and execute investigative mentoring throughout the U.S. Central command theater of operations."

To support the coalition mission the unit brought together volunteers from CID units across the Army and attached them to increase their mission capability.

Under the guidance of the 6th MP Group from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., and with the support of the 8th Military Police Brigade, here, the unit with its augmenters trained for months to build unit cohesion.

"We are team that consists of organic Soldiers from the battalion, perfectly augmented with skills and talents from the 6th [MP] Group, and CID units across the Army" said Lucas. "We are a Police Justice Ohana."

In Col. Robert Burk's, commander 6th MP Group, eyes the 19th MP Bn., (CID) gelled and stands ready to deploy.

"They are a team, they are prepared to serve their fellow Soldier and their commanders, they will continue the legacy of those who went before them and they are ready," he said. "I can tell you I'm very proud of their accomplishments."

As the battalion headquarters deploys, two redoubts of strength will keep the unit focused -- a strong rear detachment who will oversee CID operations in the Pacific and a strong family who will propel the deployed Soldiers forward.

A sense of mutual sacrifice Lucas said allows the Soldier and family to survive. An undercurrent of the oath every Soldier takes.

"It is pride and pride alone, not pay or fame that lives at the heart of our duty serve, pride of country, said Lucas." It's our passion and fire that fuels what needs to be done."

30 Soldiers of passion and fire prepare to bring a brighter future to those who may not see one yet.