Describe your current position?
As the antiterrorism/force protection officer, I develop, coordinate and implement the 409th Contracting Support Brigade's force protection program, conducting assessments and evaluations of our antiterrorism program, our operation security program as well as our physical security program. I provide the latest vulnerability assessments to the command to ensure that the 409th is implementing the necessary countermeasures to keep our personnel safe and to continue our mission in the European theater. One of my other functions with the 409th CSB is to back up the unit readiness noncommissioned officer in his absence.

What are your hobbies/passions?
My hobbies include playing the guitar, or at least attempting to play, and traveling throughout Europe.

What's your background?
My last military position was the Texas Army National Guard's 56th Infantry Brigade and Combat Team's command sergeant major in Fort Worth, Texas. In my last assignment before joining the 409th, I was a security manager for the Department of Homeland Security in Irwin, Texas.

What are some of your goals?
When it happens, to enjoy retirement with my wife of 23 years.

How did you get to become the antiterrorism / Force Protection officer?
In the military, I worked as an AT/FP officer for a couple years and really enjoyed it so I figured when I retired, I would do it full time.

What's the most challenging part of the job, what's the most rewarding?
The most challenging part of my job would be the ever-changing environment that I work with and of course the most rewarding is knowing that I'm doing what is necessary to keep our people safe.