YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- A farewell luncheon was held for Col. William P. Huber, garrison commander of U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, at the Yongsan R&R Bar and Grill, July 31. Directors and Leaders who had worked alongside Huber for the past two years attended the luncheon to appreciate the work their commander had accomplished and to wish him well as he went on to his next assignment.

Following a buffet-style lunch served by the R&R Bar and Grill, Leaders and staff were given the opportunity to personally thank Huber for his meritorious leadership during his time as the garrison commander. As each of the Leaders shared words of appreciation, they recounted Huber's many accomplishments and how he had specifically improved their directorates as well as the Garrison.

Alex Temporado, fire chief for USAG Yongsan, explained some of the ways that Huber had impacted fire safety on the garrison.

"Some of the things Col. Huber helped us do were get a new ladder truck, get a new hazmat truck, and he made so many improvements during his time here," Temporado said. "We couldn't let him go without honoring him."

The words of each of the directors revealed the lasting impact that Huber had made on USAG Yongsan within each of the directorates. In addition, it also showed Huber's strong emphasis on improving the quality of life for Servicemembers and Families living on the garrison as well as strengthening the ROK-U.S. alliance.

Some of the changes Huber had made include his renovations of the Honor's Café, Trent Warrior Resiliency Fitness Center and the Collier Community Fitness Center. Huber also conducted numerous other renovations and introduced the Zumba program to Yongsan, allowing the Community to make better use of the fitness centers.

Many of these changes raised the quality of life for Community members. With the renovations of the fitness centers and the introduction of the Zumba program, utilization of the fitness facilities had increased by five times. This indicates that the garrison was making changes to give the Community what it wanted.

Despite all of the changes and improvements made during Huber's time as garrison commander, however, he claimed that he could not take the credit for such accomplishments.

"I'm humbled by all these wonderful gifts and the many words," Huber said. "The improvements and changes made on the garrison to make it better are a reflection of everyone gathered here, because one person doesn't make a community better: The community does."

Huber explained that the Soldiers and Civilians he had met on USAG Yongsan were among some of the finest he had ever seen. Working alongside these individuals had made his time on USAG Yongsan a meaningful experience.

"I can't thank you all enough for coming on this ride with me for the last two years, all of this means a great deal," Huber said. "Thank you for all that you did, I really appreciate it."

Huber's change of command ceremony is scheduled to be held on Lombardo Field, Aug. 2.