SAN ANTONIO -- The U.S. Army Installation Management Command Provost Marshal is calling on military community members to work with their directors of emergency services and local law enforcement agencies to support National Night Out Aug. 7 (Oct. 2 in Texas).National Night Out is a community partnership event meant to increase awareness of anti-drug programs, and crime prevention and protection.Cooperation between Army and local law enforcement agencies on NNO is designed to increase bonds between police departments and Army communities.Held each year in August and sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch, NNO has become a night of celebration where neighbors get to meet each other in an informal setting based on traditional, home-style values that promote community safety and awareness."We're asking installation members not to be strangers in their own neighborhoods," said Samuel Barton, law enforcement specialist at IMCOM, "We say that IMCOM is the Army's Home and that our communities are Army Strong, which is especially true when we have a strong unified force in our communities."The only way to do that is by talking to your neighbors and your family about their surroundings and possible dangers, according to Barton."Take care of your neighbors and your family; help make your community a safer place to live by getting out and meeting the people around you," Barton said. "NNO is a great way to get started."By asking community members to remain aware of their surroundings and watch for, and report all forms of illegal activities, communities become a safer place for us to live and work in, Barton added.Date: Aug. 7, 2012 Most National Night Outs are held in August. This year Aug. 7 has been declared NNO. (Texas has an exemption to hold their Night Out in October; therefore, this year's date will be Oct. 2, 2012.)How to Participate: Each neighborhood or block that wants to participate must register. The registration form is very simple and available on the official registration page: On IMCOM installations, the local Commander and DES will establish policy for block events.Street Closures: Many neighborhoods that participate wish to close off a street in order to allow for increased safety and mobility. Doing this allows participants in the NNO to move freely without worrying about traffic. To do this, you need official city permission if outside the installation. The installation Commander and DES decides what streets can be closed on an installation, based and safety and security concerns.Additional Events and Info: Check local news media and community calendars to see what official ceremonies and declarations are planned for your local community -- in many cases, a fair and community festivals are organized to celebrate National Night Out.----------------NATW is a nonprofit crime prevention organization working in cooperation with thousands of crime watch groups and law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Since 1981, NATW has been dedicated to the development, growth and maintenance of organized crime and drug prevention programs nationwide.----------------About the U.S. Army Installation Management Command: IMCOM handles the day-to-day operations of U.S. Army installations around the globe -- We are the Army's Home. Army installations are communities that provide many of the same types of services expected from any small city. Fire, police, public works, housing, and child-care are just some of the things IMCOM does in Army communities every day. We endeavor to provide a quality of life for Soldiers, Civilians and Families commensurate with their service. Our professional workforce strives to deliver on the commitments of the Army Family Covenant, honor the sacrifices of military Families, and enable the Army Force Generation cycle. Our Mission: Our mission is to provide Soldiers, Civilians and their Families with a quality of life commensurate with the quality of their service. Our Vision: Army installations are the Department of Defense standard for infrastructure quality and are the provider of consistent, quality services that are a force multiplier in supported organizations' mission accomplishment, and materially enhance Soldier, Civilian and Family well-being and readiness. To learn more about IMCOM: Homepage: