YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) introduced a new program in July 2012, which appreciates fans for their involvement.

USAG Yongsan FMWR, which plans and organizes many different events for the Yongsan Community, are always trying to improve and change, rather than stay the same. This is to ensure that it meets the needs and desires of the Community it serves.

Blair Brachear, FMWR marketing director, said that our goal is for FMWR's customers to stay well informed with up to the minute event and program information and also give us their input so we can serve them better. To help Community members stay informed, FMWR uses various venues including its monthly magazine and facebook page to inform the Community about upcoming events and program updates.

"Our first tool is our monthly magazine and social media is the second," Brachear said. "We just really hope that the Community gets excited, involved and helps us improve."

The monthly magazine and Facebook page allows the Community to become aware of upcoming events and increases participation. Recently, however, FMWR came up with Fan of the Week, a great way to not only spread the word but to also reward fans for getting involved in their Facebook page.

Fan of the week is a program which provides FMWR Facebook fans the chance to win great prizes. Phrases, questions and clues are asked during the week and the first fan to give the right answer is made the fan of the week. The winner's quote and their photo are posted in the fan of the week tab on Facebook and also in the weekly newsletter "A Glance at Yongsan" for the entire week. Incorporating such a program would encourage Community members to get involved on Facebook, which would also help Community members participate more in FMWR events.

"I think the 'fan of the week' campaign is a good way to get fans of the page to participate in social networking," Spec. Tony Stutz, who was selected as the fan of the week, said. "The incentive of a prize will bring more fans and expose them to information available on the FMWR page and I think it's an important tool for advertising the valuable information for our soldiers."

Stutz explained that having the information available was helpful since it allowed him and other Servicemembers to be aware of the different events FMWR hosted to support its Community. Having the fan of the week program would not only provide information, but also help Community members want to get involved with FMWR's Facebook page. Getting involved on the Facebook page would help Community members participate in events, allowing FMWR to do its job -- serving the Community.

If you would like the chance to be fan of the week, keep up with the USAG Yongsan, FMWR Facebook page.