JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Anticipating deployment overseas before the end of the year, Soldiers of the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade's 201st MI Battalion wrapped up their interrogation training with one more week-long exercise on Camp Bullis in July.

"This is the last interrogation training event for the battalion," said Lt. Col. Joe Barber, battalion commander, who noted that the training officially began back in February. "It's an expansion on all the training that has gone on before. … It's been a constantly evolving process that improves on itself."

Barber explained that the training objective is to train Soldiers to provide actionable, or useful, intelligence to the warfighter "on the ground" and to "make that intelligence the best they can produce."

The training, in which Soldiers learned interrogation and analysis processes and management, began with the performance of individual intelligence collection tasks, developed through team and company-level tasks, and culminated in battalion-level intelligence collection tasks.

"They progressed from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge in intelligence collection and intelligence analysis," said Barber.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Morris Tyson, the battalion's internal control element chief, said the Soldiers trained hard, were extremely self-critical and maintained a high operations tempo, but kept their morale high.

A veteran of five overseas deployments, Tyson previously engaged himself in all levels of the interrogation and analysis training process, beginning with scripting the scenarios. Now the Intelligence and Security Command Detention Training Facility (IDTF) and its staff on Camp Bullis make training easier as well as more effective.

"Alignment of resources for intelligence training is a monster," said Tyson. "But now the IDTF takes care of the process."

Capt. David Dadd, headquarters and headquarters company commander and officer in charge of collection management and dissemination, added that the experienced IDTF staff, which is part of the 470th MI Brigade, provides a state-of-the-art training environment.

The facility, which resembles actual detention facilities in Afghanistan, offers spaces for interrogating "detainees," examining documentation, developing analysis and observing the exercise as well as the means to monitor, record and share elements of the training event.

"We are learning from the best and the brightest in situational development," said Dadd. "And this week everyone came into the exercise with a lot of confidence in their capability in their roles and responsibilities.

"Everyone was willing to help everyone else," Dadd continued. "It's a good battalion to be in because of the Soldiers in it."