YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Garrison officials are dealing with potential termite problems around the installation.

"This is the time of year when adult termites grow wings and search areas to create new hives," said Enrique Blanco, USAG-Yongsan Roads and Grounds branch chief.

Officials found some evidence of termites at the Yongsan Readiness Center. The facility is where incoming Servicemembers and Civilian Employees in-process to U.S. Forces Korea. The building has a new Yongsan Readiness Center Child Care room where children of newcomers play while parents are going through classes.

"After we discovered the problem, we made arrangements for the children to attend the Child Development Center on Yongsan South Post," said Dr. Roxanne Chancellor, USAG-Yongsan Child and Youth Service coordinator.

Chancellor said three children affected by the move April 11.

The USAG-Yongsan DPW staff is working with the 5th Preventive Medical Unit to survey the area. Preventive medicine officials advised using a mild pesticide on the affected area.

Pest control workers applied a small amount of pesticide to the affected area early April 11.

"We verified this afternoon that there are no live insects in the area," Blanco said. "There was evidence of one dead termite after the application of the pesticide."

Blanco said the staff will wipe down the area to ensure there is no residue before the room opens again.

"We will continue surveillance," Blanco said. "The combination of aging infrastructure and seasonal moisture make this an issue every year about this time."

Several other Yongsan offices, barracks and housing units are also being treated for termites.

For information, or to report a problem, call the USAG-Yongsan Pest Control Section at 724-4176.