Detroit Arsenal's Army Community Service celebrates ACS's 47th birthday this month as they continue to serve all U.S. military branches (not just Army) for the entire state of Michigan. ACS staff are always looking forward to meeting as many military connected families, retirees, Department of Defense civilians, as possible.

When asked about the 47 year history of the Army's ACS program, Jenny Downey, ACS volunteer coordinator explained, "our roots began in 1965, during the Vietnam War, there had been earlier variations of the volunteer-led support services within the Army community but due to continual turnover of the volunteer-leadership the programmatic efforts were not stable. The Army, seeing that there was a need for an ongoing standardized program, officially authorized a permanent ACS on July 25, 1965."

Disturbingly, many eligible folks have no clue that they can benefit from these programs. If you are not precisely sure how the ACS can benefit you and your family, then come by and get acquainted/reacquainted with your Michigan-based ACS team. They are ready to serve all comers who visit their offices and they are also dedicated to meeting any of your needs by traveling to your organization or installation's location.

Don't be left out, you may not know that each year ACS celebrates its birthday by participating in special events to meet all of the military public and to have a lot of fun. Last year ACS held a cook-out and this year they will be part of the 2012 Detroit Arsenal Organization Day celebration, July 27. As always birthday cake will be served and a great time will be had by all visitors.

ACS enjoys visiting with their public and sharing vital/helpful information before you or a neighbor needs a service (either non-emergency or emergency based situations). ACS fully supports the old adage that "…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

The ACS Financial Readiness program manager, Gwen McCarthy, explained "We will help anyone associated with the U.S. military in times of great distress or just when they are not sure of which way to turn for assistance. Some of the services that ACS provides are things such as: financial readiness, domestic violence advocacy, child neglect advocacy, substance abuse assistance, relocation assistance (to include items which may be loaned to newly arriving military members or civilian staff), resume preparation, new parent support, mobility/deployment support (including Rear-detachment Command and Family Readiness Groups), providing tailored-resource information, providing newcomer welcome packets, and much more."

McCarthy also stated "that's not all- If ACS does not provide a service that you are in need of, then they will research which organization or subject-matter-expert may be able to better assist you. ACS will then provide you with the needed information. Your ACS staff will even act as a liaison on your or your-families behalf, in order to provide the moral support you may require."

"ACS staff are absolutely enjoying the experience of building friendships, partnerships and revitalizing the Detroit Arsenal's ACS program," said Denise Ellis-Goyke, director of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation. "It has always been an incredibly rewarding experience for them and I look forward to some of the planned ACS enhancements in the near future. ACS staff hopes to see you at the ACS offices or any of the ACS events throughout the year."
"Don't forget, there will be free cake, each and every year," said McCarthy.

The Detroit Arsenal ACS offices are located in Building 232, within the 11 Mile Road Gate, visitors center. If you would like to contact ACS, stop by and visit their building or call the ACS central phone, 586-282-0489, to set an appointment. ACS also will travel to your organization/installation's location to help the leadership of the military members. Don't forget to watch Detroit Arsenal's ACS public-service shows and commercials at - ACS looks forward to meeting you soon and remember "you should get to know them…before you need them."