CAMP ASAKA, Japan -- U.S. Army Japan (USAR-J) and U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) forces participated in the first bilateral Joint Exercise Rescue-24 with Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces at Camp Asaka, Japan 17-20 July, 2012.

USARJ's I Corps Forward Deployable Assessment Team (DAT), augmented by members of the USARPAC Contingency Command Post, responded to a simulated large-scale earthquake in the Tokyo Metropolitan area providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief through joint and interagency coordination.

The DAT rapidly deploys to disaster areas and establishes command and control, makes assessments, provides situational awareness to higher and coordinates required joint military assistance.

JXR-24 allowed the DAT to further develop its ability to deploy and validate standard operating procedures and tactics and techniques to improve coordination with their Japanese counterparts.

The DAT's participation further demonstrates U.S. commitment and capacity to assist the people of Japan during times of crisis.