YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- Renovations were conducted on the family fun park located here on South Post.

According to Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Business Programs chief Ronald J. Buss, the result of the renovation was an improved facility with longer hours of operation.

"The biggest part of it all was just a good amount of cleaning," said Buss. "Our intention was to make this a pretty place for folks to come and spend the day."

At the family fun park, Community members could choose from a numerous selection of outdoor activities including putt-putt mini golf, skating park, driving range, and batting cages. Food could also be purchased at the snack bar located next to the driving range.

The family fun park also included two indoor facilities: The indoor GolfZon, which is a virtual golf or screen golf service; and a snack bar, which would accommodate Community members wanting to avoid the hot sun or rain. These services would be provided in fully air-conditioned rooms, allowing Community members to take a break from the heat.

Buss said that in the process of renovating the park, picnic tables were added to help make the area accessible as a rest and hang-out spot. This would allow Community members to take a break in between the various recreational activities, have a meal, or just relax. It also would allow people using the new walking path stretching from the Child Development Center to the Community Fitness Center to have a spot to sit down.

"If the family wants some alone time or if folks want a nice party for themselves, the picnic area is a great place," Buss said. "It's not all the way out in the open, so it allows for some personal time."

Buss explained that the family fun park provided all equipment needed to use the various facilities. As a result, Families and Community members only needed to bring enough money to pay for the cost of using the facilities. Thus, with a little bit of money, Community members could enjoy a day outside using the many facilities that the family fun park offered.

"Why did we do this? Because it's the right thing to do," Buss said. "We've got Soldiers, we've got Families, we've got Civilians, we've got Retirees, we've got a lot of folks in this Community and they deserve the best recreational opportunities we can give them."