Jason Shreve, a safety specialist and Department of the
Army intern with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Galveston District, prides himself in fulfilling the Corps'
motto of Building Strong…safely.
In his position, he conducts safety inspections to identify
hazards and to establish appropriate regulations for subsequent
corrective actions. Additionally, he gathers knowledge
on occupational safety and health hazards, inspection techniques
and work processes and assists in the analyzation and
completion of accident reports.
"As a member of the Safety Office, my ultimate goal is
to make sure that everyone returns home at night in the same
condition they came in that morning," said Shreve. "I enjoying
helping make the district a safer place to work."
One of the most enjoyable parts of his job includes site
visits to conduct safety audits at the district's various projects
along the Texas coast.
"Job site visits are a tool that I use to make sure that the
contractors are implementing their safety plans," said Shreve.
"I also enjoy working with other departments to make sure
everyone stays safe while performing their daily tasks whether
in the office or on a construction site."
Shreve recalls his first site visit to a dredge in order to witness
the district's navigation mission being executed.
"Dredges are unique pieces of equipment that most people
know nothing about," said Shreve. "I'd seen small dredges
on the Ohio River before, but not large dredges like the ones
we use in the Galveston District which fulfill our mission of
keeping waterways open for navigation."
Along with keeping the district safe, reforming the district's
Safety Council, establishing a hearing conservation program
for employees and implementing an updated exposure-hour
tracking system are just a few of Shreve's safety goals.
"The safety career field allows me to help ensure that people
are safe at work," said Shreve. "I like to feel like I have helped
people stay safe on the job and ensure that they return home
safely. No one should ever be hurt while performing their job."
District Safety Officer Patrick Spoor couldn't agree more.
"We're proud of Jason's accomplishments in the district,"
said Spoor. "His abilitiy to establish excellent working relationships
with various offices in the district has allowed us to
execute our safety mission, a top priority for the Galveston
District and throughout the entire Corps."
Shreve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management
in 1998 and a Master of Science in Occupational Safety and
Health in 2008 both from Murray State University. He is certified
as a Graduate Safety Practitioner and Occupational Health
and Safety Technologist and holds a Safety and Occupational
Health Professional certificate.
Shreve has received multiple certificates of achievement
and was nominated for the USACE Galveston Employee of the
Year in 2011. He is also an active member of the Gulf Coast
Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers.
In his spare time, the Kentucky native enjoys working on
cars and collecting autographs. He is an avid Kentucky Wildcats,
St. louis Cardinals and Tennessee Titans fan.