There were two things that intrigued Jacqueline "Jackie"
Adekanbi while growing up -- the military and fashion.

While in high school, she was employed at Foley's department
store in downtown Houston, a dream job for a girl her age.

"I was so impressed with how the buyers would fly to New York
every Wednesday and purchase merchandise for the store," said
Adekanbi. "The position seemed to offer all of the glamour and
excitement that a teenager could aspire to. That's what inspired me
to become a buyer too."

Adekanbi now serves as a procurement analyst (or buyer) and
systems administrator for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston
District, where she focuses on ensuring systems are running
effectively, coworkers are trained properly and employees are kept
abreast of all new inititatives in government contracting. She also
purchases items for the district.

Having served in the Galveston District for 10 years, Adekanbi is
able to combine her childhood ambition as a buyer and her love of
the military in her current position at the Corps.

"The most interesting thing I've encountered while working at
the Corps was having the opportunity to work on the Wounded Warrior
Program for Fort Bliss,Texas," said Adekanbi. "I was responsible
for awarding the landscaping multiple award task order contract
and had the opportunity to visit the job sites and see the work that
was being completed. I saw the housing, dining and recreational
facilities -- all in support of the solider in the field -- and it was a
great experience. I felt proud to have done my part in improving the
quality of living for our Soldiers."

Adekanbi has purchased items in support of men and women
serving in the field since first being hired by the Department of

"I've had the privilege to buy tanks at the Tank Automotive Command
in Warren, Mich., helicopter parts and engines for the world's
largest helicopter repair facility, the Corpus Christi Army Depot, in
Corpus Christi, Texas, and landscaping and paving services for the
Wounded Warrior Program at Fort Bliss," said Adekanbi.

Adekanbi says she is proud and honored to serve the nation, the
USACE Galveston District and the National Contracting Organization.

"I try to provide excellent customer service in a professonial manner
and with a positive attitude," said Adekanbi. "When my customers
ask me for something, I do not tell them all the reasons why it
can't be done; rather, I try to come up with new and innovated ways
of doing business. My job is to provide service and to do it with

Adekanbi's friends and family believe she "lives and breathes" the

"My husband Josh, a civil engineer with the Galveston District,
has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and it is most comforting
when Col. Sallese, Mr. (Arthur) Janecka, Bill Wise and Gus
Marinos take the time out of their busy schedules to inquire about his
well being and to pass on words of heartfelt greetings to him," said
Adekanbi. "It is also very refreshing to know that all of my friends
in contracting have been very supportive of me in the absence of my
husband. Good friends can be hard to find, for this reason, I will be
forever grateful to be part of this most dynamic and unique group of
professional men and women."

Adekanbi earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Prarie
View A&M University. She is Contract Level III certified and has
received numerous achievement medals for civilian service, including
a Commander's Award for Civilian Service in February 2011.

In her spare time, Adekanbi enjoys reading, traveling, entertaining
family and friends and gardening, earning "yard of the month" several
times in her neighborhood. Adekanbi is married to Joshua Adekanbi
and has three sons, Ashton, Christopher and Joshua Jr.

Adekanbi offers the following advice to her coworkers, "do something
nice for someone who can't do anything for you; be approachable;
give someone a hug or smile today; be a blessing to someone
and by all means, treat others the way you would like to be treated."