Alicia Rea, a project operations manager with the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, knew she wanted to be a
part of the Galveston District since she was a junior
at Texas A&M Galveston. In fact, she started her career with
the Corps as a student employee in the district's Evaluation
Section, Regulatory Branch, before being hired full time in the
Compliance Section.

Having completed 10 years as a Galveston District employee
this year, Rea now works in the district's Navigation
Branch, Operations Division, ensuring America's waterways
remain open for navigation.

"I am currently the project operations manager for South
Texas' waterways, including the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway,
channel to Port Mansfield, channel to Harlingen, channel to
Port Isabel and the Brownsville Ship channel," said Rea. "I
take a lot of pride in ensuring our waterways remain open,
as several of my projects are low tonnage and don't receive

Rea says she enjoys working with sponsors as it provides
her with an opportunity to assist them in solving complicated
issues related to navigation regulations and feels that her efforts
have not gone unnoticed. Port Isabel San Benito Navigation
District Port Director Bob Cornelison couldn't agree

"Year in and year out, Alicia has tirelessly demonstrated
in words and in deeds her support of our needs here," said
Cornelison. "In my mind, she represents the soul of commitment
to the Corps' mission goal of 'full partnership' with all
its local sponsors."

Cornelison says Rea has diligently advocated for their
projects and in the process mentored and educated sponsors
on how to initiate projects and better partner with the Corps in
these tough economic times.

"We here in Port Isabel consider her a teammate in the
Laguna Madre community's efforts to provide living wage
jobs, environmental enhancements and, of immeasurable more
importance, true hope for the future of the second poorest
county in the nation," said Cornelison.

As the navigation business line manager for the district,
Rea remains busy with the development of plans and specifications
for a Gulf Intracoastal Waterway job that will dredge
high shoals from Corpus Christi to Brownsville and is preparing
to kick off the fiscal year 2013 budget development

Though the job is demanding, Rea says she likes the challenges
and problem solving involved, and said she couldn't
complete her mission without the support she receives from
her co-workers and sponsors.

The Galveston, Texas, native is one of five children who
enjoys spending time with her family, boyfriend and two energetic
pups, as well as volunteering at the Emergency Operations
Center during emergency response missions.

A graduate of Ball High School in Galveston, Rea completed
a Bachelor of Science in Ocean and Coastal Resources
in 2002 from Texas A&M Galveston then continued on to earn
a master's degree in marine resource management in 2003.