YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- It was a bittersweet moment for Soldiers of Headquarters and Headquarters Company as they held a change of command ceremony here, July 20.

Soldiers of HHC stood in formation as the company guidon was passed from outgoing commander Capt. Peter D. Cha to the incoming Capt. Vladislav Silayev.

"Peter, you accepted the company guidon on June 7, 2011 and what you have been able to accomplish in one year is nothing short of phenomenal," said Col. William P. Huber, garrison commander for U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan. "Your mission to be responsible for the combat readiness, training, discipline, health and welfare, safety, morale and professional development of these Soldiers has been exemplary."

During Cha's time as company commander, he had inspired his Soldiers to strive for the best and to maintain high levels of professionalism in their duties as Soldiers. HHC had managed to receive zero curfew violations, winning them the Safety streamer. They had also managed to have no Physical Training failures among Soldiers in their ranks.

In addition, Cha contributed to strengthening the ROK-U.S. alliance by having his Soldiers participate in various good neighbor programs and interacting with the local Korean Community.

"I am thankful for all of the Soldiers of HHC who did an outstanding job making it look as though I'm the one doing something right," Cha said. "As always, the Dragon Knights (HHC Soldiers) led from the front by participating in Good neighbor programs, the Sadang station cleanup, delivering coal briquettes to the less unfortunate, and many other activities."

On behalf of the Staff and Servicemembers of HHC, Huber expressed the garrison's appreciation for the work that Cha had conducted.

"We're going to miss you in our ranks, Peter," Huber said. "But we're proud that you'll take the experiences of being HHC commander and apply them to future challenges."

The incoming commander, Silayev, who had most recently served as the plans, operations, and base defense officer for USAG Yongsan's Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security, was no stranger to HHC. Having participated in several HHC events including the Sports competitions during the KATUSA U.S. Soldier Friendship Week, Silayev had gotten to know HHC personally. Silayev explained that a company like HHC could be made only through good leadership and great Soldiers.

"I'm very excited to take on this new position," Silayev said. "Capt. Peter Cha has done an outstanding job and given me some big shoes to fill."

Fully aware of the high standards that had been set by the outgoing commander, Silayev promised to continue on the tradition during his time as commander.

"I believe that people are not judged by what they say, but by what they do," Silayev said. "Now it's time for me to actually start doing. All policies and procedures are still in effect, Dragon Knight 6 signing in."