FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (July 19, 2012) -- During the spring and summer, the weather brings a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Oftentimes, this can lead to power outages.

At this time, responsibility for utility management and maintenance on Fort Meade is split between the Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. and the Fort Meade Directorate of Public Works.

Picerne Military Housing, however, is the residents' liaison and service provider for all housing needs including utility service coordination.

All residential power outages should be reported to the appropriate neighborhood office. This will allow staff to determine if the outage is widespread or specific to the home, and coordinate the responsible provider to restore power.

As the installation's privatized partner for utilities, BGE is in the process of upgrading gas and electric lines to all facilities on post. Fort Meade will have dual service providers through the ongoing utility upgrades.

At the completion of the upgrade project, BGE will be responsible for all utilities on Fort Meade.

BGE has privatized utilities in most office areas and is now in the process of privatizing lines for the homes on post. This effort will end with a great result of new underground infrastructure that should help to solve a large portion of the current outage issues experienced on post.

As utilities continue to privatize in the neighborhoods, responsibility for utility services will transfer to BGE. As such, it is important for residents to report power outages to their neighborhood staff as they have the most current information to coordinate restoration efforts with the appropriate provider.

Picerne will make every effort to make sure that residents receive the most updated and accurate information on the status of outages and repairs.

In the event a neighborhood office loses power, the phone system also may be affected.

If the office cannot be reached, residents should call the following toll-free numbers to report outages and maintenance emergencies. Calls to the toll-free number will directly connect residents to the emergency on-call service.

Heritage Park and Normandy Bluffs

* Heritage Park: 1-866-860-2403

* Normandy Bluffs: 1-866-866-3709

* Office: 410-672-2000

Midway Common

* Level One: 1-866-524-2404

* Office: 410-672-2301

Meuse Forest

* Level One: 1-866-861-1935

* Office: 410-672-2475