A contracting specialist with the 901st Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas, Staff Sgt. Trevah A. Goins is currently deployed to Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar with the U.S. Central Command's Joint Theater Support Contracting Command.

Formerlly an automated logistical supply specialist, 92 alpha, Goins reclassified to the contracting field for a change and an opportunity to progress.

"I decided to make the switch to contracting after a co-worker and friend told me about the contracting career field. I was already looking to reclassify out of the 92A career program because there was little room for growth as the field was extremely over strength," said the single mother of two.

With less than one year in contracting experience, Goins said this deployment is giving her a solid background in contracting but at a cost.

"I have a son who just turned 15 this month and a daughter who turned 11 in May," said the Buffalo, N.Y. native. "It is always hard leaving my children behind on deployments. My kids are real troopers though. They take my being gone very well. Unfortunately, like me, this is not
their first deployment either. Luckily for me I have my mother as my support system. She watches over my children while I am away which gives me a peace of mind while I am gone."

"I enjoy my job because I am providing things that the Soldier, sailor, airman, Marine cannot get on their own so that they can continue with their mission," she said. "I'm here so that they don't have to worry about procuring what they need for mission accomplishment."