YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - Eighth Army revamped its Command Sponsorship Program to make it a simpler and more streamlined process focused on assisting Soldiers and families with command sponsorship to South Korea.

"We've just finished re-evaluating the CSP and implementing a more accessible and viable program," said James Grenier, Eighth Army Command Sponsorship Program manager. "We've created a new Army Knowledge Online Web site system where the Military Personnel Division, CSP managers and applicants can track a Soldier's request."

Grenier said the new system will help managers, MPD's worldwide and Soldiers expedite the application process and help relieve some of the frustration Soldiers experienced with the old CSP system.

Prior to the AKO site, Soldiers or family members would have to contact the CSP office to inquire about the status of their sponsorship request.

"Now they can access the CSP AKO website and track the request themselves," Grenier added.

The other major change is that Eighth Army G-1 has become the approval authority for all command sponsorship requests. Previously, said Grenier, the process included the approval of more than 20 organizations.

Grenier said while every member of the command is vital to mission success, due to the limited infrastructure in Korea, Eighth Army is limited to the number of allocated CS positions by area.

Grenier also stressed that there is no waiting list and families that would like to come to Korea with their Soldier should contact the unit representative to request command sponsorship.

Instructions and forms necessary to start a CSP request are available on the Eighth Army G-1 CSP page by going to http://8tharmy.korea.army.mil/g1_AG/g1/EUSACSP/EUSA_CSP.html

"Korea is a wonderful place to spend time together with your family and experience the truly fascinating Korean culture," said Grenier.