FORT BELVOIR, Va. (July 12) -- Army Community Service Employment Readiness Program hosted a Job Hunt class July 10 at the ACS building for Fort Belvoir patrons new to the area and seeking employment.
Spouses received information on upcoming federal job resume preparation classes, local job fairs, sources available to find job fairs, and employment seeking services offered at ACS.
They also watched presentations by the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center and the Non-Appropriated Funds Human Resources Office.
CPAC shared tips on how to apply for government jobs while NAF advised the spouses about jobs within their organization that are available in the area.
"These are new job seekers in the area," said Laureen Dupree, ERP Manager. "So, the goal of the orientation is to give them information about local area job searches, and training opportunities. Also, I wanted to give them a review of their resumes. Everyone left with information and they know what they have to do next."
Dupree told the spouses to keep their job searches broad and not focus solely on what's available on post.
"The more bridges you build to opportunities, the more likely you are to have something opportune happen for you," she said.
"(New spouses) find the area intimidating in terms of the traffic, number of people and the systems utilized to apply for jobs," Dupree added. "It can be overwhelming, so what we endeavor to do is give them the information they need, but also give them the personal support they need."
Spouses found the information on applying for government jobs useful and others were pleased to learn about the number of local job fairs available.
Melissa Tanelus was happy to learn how to differentiate a job posted on that is being filled internally or externally. She was also comforted in knowing she can call Dupree and utilize her knowledge anytime she needs to.
"I work 60 hours a week, so it's hard to job hunt," said Tanelus. "But, being able to schedule an appointment with Ms. Dupree and come in and speak with her is going to be beneficial."
Sgt. Brice Hamilton, Warrior Transition Command, Adaptive Reconditioning Noncommissioned Officer, attended the class because he wanted to refresh himself on the steps necessary to be successful in the civilian work-world.
"Sometimes, you get stagnant being in the military environment for so long that, when you go back out to the civilian world, there are variables you are unaware of," said Hamilton. "Something as simple as the color of the shirt you wear to an interview can be a deterrent."
Hamilton plans on reviewing the Washington Post classified section as often as possible to find out about local job fairs. He is also planning on attending the resume preparation class.
"I'm going to come back with a completed resume to have it reviewed so I can see if it says what I want it to," said Hamilton. "I also want to be told where it can be improved."
Spouses who attended on Tuesday are eligible to register for the Priority Placement Program as long as their other half is assigned to Fort Belvoir. The benefit of registering with PPP is identifying themselves as military spouses.
"When they identify themselves as military spouses, as long as they have the skill set, they can be referred for a position above other applicants," said Dupree. "It gives them an edge."
The Federal Employment/Federal Resume preparation class will take place today from 9 a.m. to noon at the ACS building.
For more information, contact Laureen Dupree at (703) 805-1836/2605.