LETTERKENNY, Pa. -- Sixty Army Reserve Soldiers from the 811th Ordnance Company recently received valuable training during a three-day field training exercise at the Letterkenny Munitions Center.

The training is part of a developing relationship between the 811th and LEMC is one that allows the Soldier to receive valuable ammunition training and LEMC to receive additional manpower.

During the training, held June 3-5, Soldiers were to set up tents and a mobile kitchen trailer on LEMC's reserve training site and perform their training. Despite foul weather affecting the training on the first night and forcing a chance in billeting, Soldiers were able to match up with their civilian counterparts for successful training throughout the weekend.

The Soldiers were put to work rewarehousing munitions and inert material, loading milvans with munitions, working at the demo range preparing rocket motors for static burning, and inspecting missile containers to ensure they were empty. They also worked with the LEMC blocking and bracing crews prepping milvans for shipment. The remaining Soldiers performed tasks associated with their Military Occupation Specialties such as mechanics, cooks and administrative jobs.

A number of the LEMC civilians, with more than 25 years experience, shared their vast knowledge and experience with the Soldiers. Some of the Soldiers, fresh out of Advanced Individual Training were taught how to safely and properly handle ammunition and explosives. The Soldiers can take this valuable training with them when they deploy overseas and be able to have a better understanding of their roles as ammunition specialist. The Soldiers also provided LEMC with additional manpower to achieve additional mission related work with no cost to the Munitions Center.

The Letterkenny Munitions Center is developing what is hoped to be a long and successful working relationship with the 811th ORDCO. This relationship should prove to be beneficial to both LEMC and the 811th as they are co-located on Letterkenny Army Depot.

The Munitions Center is able to support the 811th, by providing training to Soldiers that miss their weekend training drills or their annual training. To date, LEMC has provided training opportunities to seven Soldiers that have missed their weekend training drills. These opportunities help the Soldiers and help LEMC with additional manpower at no cost to LEMC's customers.

In addition, LEMC will be accepting and pre-staging a Rough Terrain Container Handler for the 811th. Having the RTCH staged so closely to the Reserve Center will provide the Solider with additional training opportunities.

Physically located at Letterkenney Army Depot, Chambersburg, Pa., LEMC is a government owned, government operated installation. Since 1999, command and control of LEMC have been under Crane Army Ammunition Activity as a tenant.