MORONI, Comoros (July 10, 2012) -- U.S. and Comorian army Soldiers partnered together to participate in a five-day noncommissioned officer development seminar at the National School of Army and Gendarmerie, here, June 12-16.

Three U.S. Army and 25 Comorian noncommissioned officers, known as NCOs, participated in the seminar that covered basic NCO skills. NCOs from both countries shared best practices and learned new, more efficient ways to lead their troops.

The seminar allowed participants to share their perspectives on roles and requirements of an NCO, how to lead and counsel junior service members, and methods of professional development within the various NCO tiers.

"They were very tentative, very eager, and very professional," said 1st Sgt. Louis Smith, mission commander, 3rd Squadron, 124th Cavalry Regiment, Texas National Guard, assigned to the Combined Joint Task Force -- Horn of Africa. "I was incredibly impressed with them. I learned that they were exposed to similar training through their various programs, but the interaction between senior NCOs, regardless of country and background, is always nice to have."

The exchange of experiences, lessons learned and challenges equips the participants in many ways.

"I learned about the different roles between officers and NCOs in their military. It's much different from ours, and it was interesting to hear their challenges in overcoming the roles set already. It was nice to interact with them about being an NCO," Smith said.

The participants appreciate the exchange with their U.S. colleagues and wish to have future interactions that could strengthen the acquired experience during the seminar, said Comorian Army Adjudant Youssouf Mohamed Boina.

The senior NCOs concluded the five-day seminar with mutual respect and a bond that exists in the NCO corps, said Smith.