FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii - U.S. Army Pacific honored retiring Chief of Staff, Col. Lewis F. Setliff, III with a Flying V ceremony July 6 at Palm Circle on Fort Shafter.

The Flying V ceremony traditionally welcomes or honors senior Army officials when they assume duties or depart from an Army command, and its name refers to the way the colors are posted during the ceremony, which is V-shaped.

Setliff served as USARPAC, chief of staff since July 2010. Setliff is retiring after 30 years of military service.

"Today we honor, thank and say goodbye to a personal friend and friend to U.S. Army, Pacific Col. Lewis Setliff," said Lt. Gen. Francis J. Wiercinski, commanding general, U.S. Army, Pacific.

During the ceremony Setliff was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious over a 30-year career for serving in positions of increasing responsibility culminating as chief of staff, United States Army, Pacific.

"Skip [Setliff] is what we call a franchise or marquee player. Someone with unique skills and personal talent that can't be easily replaced," said Wiercinski.

Thank you for your entire Families dedication sacrifice and service, said Wiercinski.
The command climate in this command is absolutely the best I've ever been a part of in any organization in the last 30-years, said Setliff.

"There is absolutely no finer headquarters than USARPAC. It is well lead and faces a tough mission ahead. This Headquarters is ready for the challenge and I wish you all the very best," said Setliff.