ZHARAY DISTRICT, Afghanistan (Army News Service, July 5, 2012) -- Afghan Local Police in Zharay District celebrated the graduation of 45 policemen during a ceremony, July 3, 2012, on Forward Operating Base Azizzullah.

The ceremony began with a demonstration by the graduates in front of Brig. Gen. Ghulam Murtaza, commander of the 3rd Brigade, 205th Infantry Corps. The students showcased their abilities in subduing suspects and engaging an enemy force.

The graduates came from the Kolk, Selbegay and Pashmul areas of Zharay. They trained for two weeks, gaining proficiency in areas such as policing, ethics, counter-improvised explosive device awareness, rifle marksmanship, communications equipment, arrest procedures and first aid. The classes were instructed by the Afghan Uniformed Police and U.S. Soldiers.

Azizzullah has served as a training hub for Afghan National Security Forces in Zharay District after the 2nd Battalion, 321st Airborne Field Artillery Regiment volunteered the area in March. Since then, Afghan National Army Soldiers with the 4th Kandak, 3rd Brigade, 205th Infantry Corps, AUP and Civil Order Police have provided training on the base.