GRAFENWOEHR, Germany (Army News Service, July 3, 2012) -- Soldiers from the 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion competed against mixed military teams the Czech Republic and Germany here during the Tri-Nation Competition, June 26-28.

The three-day event was hosted by the Joint Multinational Training Command, or JMTC, and pitted five mixed teams of German, Czech, and U.S. Soldiers, a total of 10 Soldiers each, against each other in a variety of events to test physical and mental strength, marksmanship, and skill at medical tasks, as well as leadership skills.

"The goal of the competition is to host a two-day, demanding, exercise filled with challenging events to foster teamwork and camaraderie," said Col. Adam A. Loveless, JMTC's training director and the American host of the competition. "The competition highlights trans-border and civil-military cooperation between the three countries."

Staff Sgt. Tim Ramos said the goal was to familiarize the multi-national teams with American weapon systems. Ramos is a JMTC trainer responsible for assisting the teams on the engagement skills trainer, used by Soldiers to practice rifle techniques and laser technology marksmanship.

During the Team Defense live-fire, Soldiers hit range targets of various distances from a fixed position. The number of targets exceeded the rounds of ammo provided in both challenges, which forced leaders to guide their teams to aim for only the most dangerous targets to earn the highest scores.

During the closing ceremony, Col. Alois Husle, the German Army Commander of Land Forces Bavaria, said the event was a great competition between Soldiers.

"We saw outstanding performances," Husle said. "Each Soldier did his best."

Husle said the competition was professionally prepared and organized, and thanked the Americans for their part in the event.

Following the second round of events at the Hradiste Training Area, the Czech-led team took the overall win, followed by the Bavarian led team. The U.S.-led team took third place.