FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Competitors flexed their biceps, thighs, calves and even back muscles at the 2nd Annual Bodybuilding Competition, Saturday, at the Solomon Center.

"Bodybuilding is an opportunity for competitors to showcase their discipline and get love and support from fans and family. It can be a very positive outlet," said Pamela Long, fitness programmer and event coordinator.

Twelve competitors vied for an overall score and against each other for the title of best bodybuilder in their respective categories. This year's participants included Soldiers, DoD civilians and off-post bodybuilders looking for the opportunity to claim the title.

The event received good marks from at least one of the judges.

"I thought this was an awesome competition," said Teresa Moore, the head judge. "I can see the competitors worked hard. They put a lot work into it, and they put a lot of work into their training, into their diet and to their posing and their presentation. We had the crowd yelling, clapping and screaming. It was really great."

Seven judges with a history of working with the International Federation of Bodybuilders scored the competition and, at the end, gave insight to participants. The judges looked for competitors to apply the fundamentals of bodybuilding. They also looked for what one judge called the "total package."

"It's size, definition, and shape. Shape is going to be more genetic, but you can alter it by putting on more size. It's the total package," said Lee Lipscomb, assistant judge.

One first-time competitor, Ray Summers, a Soldier with Task Force Marshall, said he tries to work out at least five times a week and he felt good while on stage. But working out is not the only requirement to look the part.

"Nutrition is 90 percent of this game," said Steve Sawyer, assistant judge. "If your diet is not on track, you will most likely not succeed on the stage."

Long said the benefits of bodybuilding go beyond striking a good figure.

"If you want to make changes in your body and really see how far you can improve your exercise, eating and discipline habits, body building is an avenue to bring something physically special out of you and give you a level of self confidence that you can cherish for a very long time," Long said.