FORT HUNTER LIGGETT, Calif. - Nearly 4,000 U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers worked together in a joint environment during their annual training at the 91st Training Division's three-week Warrior Exercise 2012 here in June.

During the WAREX, Soldiers experienced realistic training related to their military occupational specialties, from commands down to detachments. Maj. Gen. William Frink, the commander of the 79th Sustainment Support Command at Los Alamitos, Calif., visited to observe the troops under his command participating in the exercise.

"This gives us an opportunity to train with other units in a realistic environment, such as we would deploy in, and that kind of training is invaluable," Frink said. "We have the Air Force here at Schoonover Airfield, and we have the Navy Seabees construction battalion on the ground operating with us."

The commander stressed the importance of WAREX as part of the Army Reserve's training strategy. Units participating in the combat support training exercise lanes at the fort will be evaluated on how effective their training is.

Spc. Kevin VonPoppen is a transportation management coordinator for the 371st Combat Support Service Battalion who is participating in the event.

"I'm actually pulling up commodities for the exercise that we're doing here," said VonPoppen. Part of his mission includes making sure units have enough supplies like fuel, water, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Frink interacted with many soldiers, including VonPoppen, who said his visit was a good experience. "I really appreciate him coming out here and meeting his soldiers," said VonPoppen.

"My personal goal is to visit with as many 79th soldiers as I can, meet the soldiers doing their jobs, and talk to the soldiers doing their jobs," said Frink. He hopes to get their perspective on the value of the exercise and see if there's anything that can be better.