FORT HOOD, Texas - "One chapter in the brigade's history closes and another opens as my commanders and I relinquish command of this amazing brigade and its outstanding Soldiers and officers to Col. Gary Volesky and his new team of commanders," said Col. David Sutherland during his change of command ceremony.

Sutherland relinquished command of the 3rd "Grey Wolf" Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division on Cooper Field in front of the division's headquarters March 27. Each battalion commander in the brigade also changed command in the ceremony, completely altering the command face of the brigade.

"It has been thirty three months since we stood here on Cooper Field to assume command of this brigade, and since then, the greatness around me has been humbling," said Sutherland, referring to his Soldiers.

"As I have often told anyone willing to listen, and a few others, there is greatness in the formation you see before you," he said.

Sutherland commanded the brigade through a 14-month deployment to the Diyala province in Iraq.

"As I will repeat forever, these soldiers have been to places no man or woman should ever have to go to, and have seen sights no man or woman should ever have to see," he said. "In my eyes, they are the greatest generation of the 21st century."

He also recognized the 1st Cavalry Division's staff, central Texas community, "Greywolf" chaplains, brigade's officers and non-commissioned officers, families, fallen heroes gold star families and wounded warriors.

"The successes of the 'Greywolf' Brigade are a testament to the greatness of the brigade and the division, said Sutherland. "The spirit of our troopers and our families has sustained the brigade and me, personally, through these past thirty three months."

Once Sutherland finished his speech, Volesky made a few quick comments, which was followed by the Army Song and a cavalry charge.

The ceremony ended shortly after and the "Grey Wolf" Brigade began to write a new chapter in its history.