PENTAGON (June 22, 2012) -- This July marks the two year anniversary of the Chief of Staff of the Army's Property Accountability Campaign, and the accomplishments achieved in those two years deserve recognition.

In sum, the Army has completed $46 billion worth of equipment transactions. Here's the breakdown:
- $3.2 billion in equipment brought to record as Found on Installation
- $33.9 billion in equipment redistributed within commands to fill valid shortages
- $8.9 billion in equipment turned in to depots for Army--wide redistribution

In addition, there have been nearly 6,000 property accountability training and mentoring events and close to 30,000 unit-level Command Supply Discipline Program inspections across the Army.

"Supply discipline and property accountability is everyone's responsibility. We must all do our part to make sure we are taking care of our equipment, and thereby taking care of our people, particularly those serving in combat environments," said GEN Lloyd J. Austin, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

Readiness is a key factor in this campaign. Setting the property books right isn't an exercise in "bean counting," but a method for ensuring and keeping the Army ready to face any challenge. Property accountability is about leadership, stewardship, readiness, and accurate readiness reporting.

Congress and the Secretary of Defense are calling for the DoD to be audit ready by September 2017 and 2014, respectively. In order to meet those mandates, the Army must be audit ready by December 2013 in accordance with the FY12 Army Audit Readiness Strategy.

However, the dedication of Soldiers and the success of the campaign in the last two years demonstrate that the Army will be ready to meet these goals and remain Army Strong.

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