FORT McCOY, WIs. -- Installation Management Command (IMCOM) youth development specialists presented a three-day workshop at Fort McCoy to give Child, Youth and School (CYS) Services School Age and Youth Center staff members information about creative and resilient youth programming.

Germaine Pointer and John Baggott, members of an IMCOM G9 team, visit IMCOM garrisons at the request of the local programs to present various strategies to improve youth programs.

"We empower them with the program tools to help teach youth life skills," Pointer said. "That helps youth become more confident about what they do."

The team also presents strategies about how to market the programs to help maximize program attendance.

Pointer said this can include surveys to determine which programs youths are interested in attending. Another goal is to get more parental involvement so the programs can continue to grow, she said.

"We show the staffs how to develop youth/adult partnerships to give youths more of a voice in the programming," Pointer said. "This helps youth understand programs better. They can see the challenges involved in setting up a program, and at the same time can see the rewards of the programs."

Pointer said the team also gives garrison organizations the resources they need to help make their programs more successful.

Included is information from the Boys & Girls Clubs program, the 4-H curriculum and various websites. In addition to IMCOM G9 team members, Pointer said she also provides IMCOM personnel who can serve as resources and provide information.

Cori Yahnke, Fort McCoy CYS Services Boys & Girls Club and School Age and Youth Center director, said the program requested the training to get the latest information available and help improve its offerings.

"We want to ensure that every eligible youth and their Family in the Fort McCoy community knows about our programs and are welcomed to attend," she said. "We are here to serve everyone we can, and we want to continue to offer them the best school-age program in the community."

The Fort McCoy CYS Services School Age and Youth Center program currently is offering its Summer Camp program.

For more information about the Fort McCoy CYS Services School Age and Youth Center program, call 608-388-4373 or visit building 1751.