MILWAUKEE -- Over a two day period 88 Soldiers from the Milwaukee Recruiting Battalion updated their medical records through a full medical screening. Using centralized facilities made available to the Battalion at the 84th RRC, Logistics Health Incorporated set up stations to check Soldier's vision, blood pressure and height and weight. They also set up stations for the CVSP, EKG, PHA and a blood draw. Within five days of the event LHI updated all the Soldier's records in the MEDPROS system.

"The goal was to capture all Soldiers who were either coming up to or passed their deadline that would make them non-deployable medically," said Maj. Clydea Prichard-Brown, the Battalion Executive Officer. "We projected out to September 30th of this year to make sure we would catch everybody under this mass readiness event."

The Battalion treated the event like an SRP for a unit that was preparing to deploy. Calling it a medical processing event, the battalion was able to set a time for everyone that needed to get their medical records updated to concentrate on this one task. It would be a one time, one shot event to get all the Soldier's medical records up-to-date. Not only did the event keep the Soldier's prepared for deployment, it also saved the Battalion recruiting hours.

"Even though it took a full day, it's one less thing we have to track and worry about (at the company level)," said Capt. Benjamin Bakken, Loves Park Company commander. Bakken said the Company Command Group would normally have to track each Soldier's status in MEDPROS and ensure they were updating their records. Keeping their records current would normally involve Soldiers completing a PHA questionnaire online and then traveling to an MTF to complete their processing. For many Soldiers this would take them out of recruiting duties for more than a day. Bringing Soldiers to one location saved time and allowed the CCG to concentrate on the recruiting mission and their Soldiers.

For more than four years LHI has been insuring that Reserve Component forces without local medical unit support were up-to-date on their medical and dental records. As the sole contractor working under the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP), LHI has set up appointments for Soldiers and gone out to the field updating medical and dental needs.

"LHI is designed to manage medical and dental records for the Reserve and recently Active Duty forces," said Mark Erickson, an account manager for medical readiness with LHI. Erickson pointed out that Active Duty forces that fall under the Tricare Prime Remote insurance program are eligible to keep their records current with LHI. With regional locations throughout the United States, all territories and in Germany, LHI is able to assist those units that are geographically remote from military treatment facilities maintain their medical readiness status.

"We are the first Recruiting Battalion to do this (partnership with LHI)," Maj. Prichard-Brown said. "Our plan is to conduct quarterly or semiannual events to ensure we capture all Soldiers and keep their medical records current." With the RHRP, keeping Soldiers MEDPROS up-to-date was as easy as conducting a safety stand down day.