The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment conducted a replicated complex ambush at the fictional city of Razish, Atropia on Fort Irwin, Calif., May 21. The ambush was executed in order to provide visiting the Thailand Army Training Command Officials a chance to see the current battlefield training being conducted at the National Training Center.
The attack was unique in the fact that Blackhorse Troopers not only portrayed the insurgency but also the force being attacked.
Blackhorse Troopers from Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 2nd Squadron, 11th ACR, tested their mettle by reacting to improvised explosive devices, vehicle borne explosive devices and small arms fire. Hired role players provided both city population and simulated casualties for the demonstration. By using actual amputees as casualties, Troopers gain a realistic view of those wounded during combat and are better prepared to implement life saving techniques.
The battle started as a routine meeting with the police chief, during which an unidentified U.S. service-member's vehicle gets struck by an IED. The Blackhorse Troopers went to secure the perimeter in tandem with a simulated local police force. At this time a secondary IED went off, taking with it the lower leg of the unidentified service member.
Troopers leapt into action setting up a defensive perimeter immediately, only to be engaged by both sniper and machine gun fire. By maintaining discipline, the Troopers reacted to each situation, suppressing the enemy and treating the mock casualties.
After meeting every threat presented, the Troopers were able to safely exit the city, with the mock casualties in tow. The battle demonstrated the professionalism of Blackhorse Troopers as both an insurgency and a traditional fighting force, allowing the visiting officials a view of the very best that Blackhorse has to offer.