KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (June 4, 2012) -- Afghan Uniformed Police and American Soldiers worked together, June 3, to conduct a traffic control point in Kandahar to check vehicles for contraband and talk with citizens to disrupt insurgent movement throughout the city.

It was the Kandahar Afghan Uniformed Police teamed up with military police of the 58th Military Police Company, 503rd Military Police Battalion, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, and 563rd Military Police Company, 2nd SBCT, who conducted the check.

"Over the past year we have been working with [the AUP]," said 1st Lt. Steve Rosales, who serves as a platoon leader with the 58th MP Co. "They have grown as a force and the AUP are now able to operate and conduct the traffic control point, or TCP, on their own all the way from planning to execution."

The 58th MP Co. have partnered and trained with the AUP for the past year and are preparing to return to their home station at the Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The 563rd MP Co. will be replacing the 58th MP Co., to continue that partnership and continue to assist the AUP as they move closer to operating on their own.

"Today was a great example of them taking the lead," said 2nd Lt. Andrew Mason, who serves as a platoon leader with the 563rd MP Co. "The ultimate goal is for them to accomplish providing security within their city."

The partnership built between the 58th MP Co. and AUP proved vital in strengthening the AUP's capability in providing safety within their district.

"It is important that we continue to help [the AUP] so we can ensure their systems are in place as they begin to operate independently," said Rosales.

Over the past year, the 58th MP Co.'s hard work has proved successful in ensuring the AUP's ability to transition to being in the lead.

"Getting here, I didn't know quite know what to expect," said Mason. "I am really surprised at how well the AUP have performed the last couple of days we have been working with them."

As the 58th MP Co. prepares to leave, they hope the 563rd continues their hard work.

"The biggest thing I would like for [563rd MP Co.] is to continue to develop a good relationship with the AUP," said Rosales. "With a good relationship they can operate jointly and the security can be seamless throughout the city."

The relationship built between the 58th MP Co. and the AUP the past year has provided learning experiences for both units.

"We have learned from them as well," said Rosales. "They have taught us better ways to help maintain security in their city and how we can better adjust our [tactics] when working with the different tribes."

The 563rd MP Co. hopes to carry on this strong bond to continue the progress made by the AUP.

"[The 58th MP Co.] has done a great job at building relationships with the PSS commanders as well as check point commanders," said Mason. "I hope we can continue those relationships and move forward strengthening the AUP."

As the 58th MP Co. deployment draws to an end, they feel confident that their hard work has prepared the AUP to stand alone and provide security to the people in Kandahar city.

"I am really proud of my guys, because they have done a great job," said Rosales. "It has been a long year, but we have been successful."