The Frontline continues with a series titled "Voices of Valor: Soldiers are our Strength," which share stories of Soldiers' heroism and courage while in combat. The Third Infantry Division Soldiers depicted in the series discuss their experiences and close encounters with the enemy.

First Sergeant Gannon Edgy shares his experience.

First Sergeant Gannon Edgy

First Sergeant Gannon Edgy, Troop A, 5/7 Cav.Sqdn., 1HBCT, 3rd ID, was part of a scout platoon that was told to linkup with another infantry group. Just outside of their final destination, the group of four trucks was ambushed by Iraqi Republican Guard vehicles and personnel.

At first, the biggest threat seemed to be the mounted vehicles, so they engaged them with weapons off the trucks. "later on in the fire fight," 1st Sgt. Edgy begins, "the dismounted (Iraq) infantry started using the weeds and rees on the side of the roads to get close to us."

The situation was further exasperated by injuries.

"My wingman's gunner received small arms fire that ricocheted and hit him in the face, and so we had to get him out of there. So basically what we did was take a small team in and eliminated the threat of the dismounts and threw some hand grenades to push them back to a distance where we could engage them with our heavy weapons," 1st Sgt. Edgy said.

Under 1st Sgt. Edgy's command, they managed to escape the situation without any fatalities but immediately had to continue on with their grueling 36-hour trek.
First Sergeant Edgy received a Silver Star.