CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Retired Republic of Korea Army Gen. Paik, Sun-yup, the first four-star general in Korean history, visited Camp Humphreys, May 24.

Besides being his country's first four-star general, Paik also served as Korea's minister of transportation and ambassador to Taiwan and France.

At Humphreys, Paik was greeted by Mark Cox, the Humphreys Garrison deputy commander. Cox gave a briefing that addressed the Camp Humphreys transformation. The number of Soldiers stationed at Humphreys is expected to grow in the coming years by 238 percent, from 6,670 to 22,497, and the number of families is on track to grow by 1,270 percent. To accommodate the new arrivals, Humphreys is in the midst of the largest construction project in the history of the Department of Defense.

"I am really pleased to hear that construction on post has been going well," Paik said. "That speaks well of the post commander and leadership."

Paik also met with Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA) Soldiers, who were impressed with the retired general.

"Despite his age, it was evident he still had very strong willpower," said Cpl. Ahn, Ji-hawn, a KATUSA assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, USAG Humphreys. "He was also very ambitious and I was extremely impressed. It was such an honor for me to meet him."

"This was one of those experiences that you remember for life," added Cpl. Kim, Jong-hyun, also assigned to HHC, USAG Humphreys. "He is a legendary general and it was such an honor for me to meet him and listen to his words. This was a great experience for me."

Paik then received a windshield tour of post and had lunch at the Alaska Mining Company.