SAN ANTONIO -- This Memorial Day, Americans across the country will honor the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of our Nation and of our allies. The Installation Management Command extends a special tribute to those who are in harm's way and to the families that support them.

As we pause on this special day to honor our fallen heroes, let's also keep safety a No. 1 priority while on and off the job. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, also known as 101 Critical Days of Summer, we focus more on safety. During this period, increased activities on roadways, waterways and other recreational facilities significantly heighten the potential for accidents, injuries and deaths. With the increased activities, we must be aware of the associated risks and the importance of making informed decisions.

CSM Earl Rice and I ask everyone to remain safety conscious and do what's right, always. Inspired leadership and clear communication yields better decision-making. Integrate composite risk management in your summer plans. Drink plenty of water and use sunscreen when outdoors. In your travels, allow plenty of time to get to your destination. Use your safety equipment properly (seat belts, personal floatation devices, or motorcycle safety gear and helmet). And if you drink alcohol, drink sensibly and designate a driver. Remember take care of yourself and take care of your buddy!

We also encourage you to visit the US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center web page at for additional summer safety information and the Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPs), a proven tool to help identify and mitigate the risks of traveling.

As we observe Memorial Day, let's reflect on the true meaning of living in freedom. Let's reaffirm our commitment to service members and renew our solemn gratitude for the sacrifices of our fallen heroes. We owe all of our veterans, past and present, a debt of appreciation. Their sacrifices, and those of their families, have earned America's respect, and we are truly grateful for their service.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.
Army Strong!
LTG Mike Ferriter