Greetings from Afghanistan!

Since arriving at Kandahar Air Field, our Soldiers have been very busy as we are now the senior logisticians in county and are responsible for all logistics operations within the Afghanistan theater. As the commanding element of Joint Sustainment Command -Afghanistan, the 3d ESC is overseeing more than 40,000 logistics Soldiers, civilians and contractors, providing support to United States forces, Coalition partners and Afghan forces in theater.

The JSC-A is responsible for the retrograde mission which requires us to send 1200 vehicles per month back to the states. We're constantly adjusting our mission footprint as forces continue to drawdown in theater. Our Soldiers face difficult logistics challenges daily, but are doing an excellent job in spite of these challenges.

I want to thank our friends, families and the Fort Knox community for all of your support during our current deployment. The love and care that you put into your letters and care packages really make a difference amongst our Soldiers, as for that I truly want to thank you. We appreciate everything you're doing for us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Sustaining The Line!