The health clinic here will support medical redeployment operations for Soldiers returning from Afghanistan throughout the month of June.

There will be reduced availability for appointments so the clinic's staff can support the medical redeployment process for the 172nd Infantry Brigade.

"As Soldiers return home to their friends and family, community members can expect an effect on the appointments we have available," said Lt. Col. Mark Carder, the Grafenwoehr Health Clinic commander. "Our team nurses can assist in coordinating care for referrals to host nation facilities."

Before going to a host nation facility, a referral is required except for emergency-room care.

"Taking care of our returning troops is imperative because it affords Soldiers and health care professionals an opportunity to identify and, if need be, treat any deployment-related health issue that can negatively affect a Soldier's life, relationship, wellbeing, career or future," Carder said.

Soldiers who redeploy are required to have a Post-Deployment Health Assessment within 30 days after their deployment so a comprehensive health screening and examine for physical and behavioral health concerns associated with deployment can be addressed, Carder said.

Beneficiaries who use the Grafenwoehr Health Clinic can expect to be referred to a host nation provider if no appointment is available during the month of June.

"We thank the community for their patience as we take care of our returning Soldiers and we thank them for their understanding to the short-term interruption of our normal health care operations," Carder said.

To minimize the impacts to the community, the clinic and its headquarters are coordinating for more provider support from both within Europe and the U.S., he said. On days Soldier redeploy, they become the priority effort, and these additional providers should help reduce a majority of the impacts to access to care.

"At any time you feel your health is in jeopardy, do not hesitate to go to the closest emergency room," Carder said. "If your condition is not an emergency, there are a few options for care."

The options are:
Call the nurse advice line at 00800-4759-2330
Team nurses can assist in coordinating care for referrals
Visit the clinic's pharmacy to get over the counter medications based on symptoms
Use Tricare Online to view and book an appointment