FORT RUCKER, Ala. (May 17, 2012) -- Medical professionals from across the Wiregrass gathered May 15 at The Landing to give the women of Fort Rucker access to the latest information in health care.

The event included pediatricians, dermatologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, obstetricians/gynecologists and other medical services. Organizers said they added the baby shower element to the annual event because there are so many expecting moms in the area.

"Most women are so busy taking care of their spouse or kids that they forget about taking care of their own health," said Janice Erdlitz, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation marketing. "By providing this, we're making it fun and interactive. It's not like going to the doctor. It's just hanging out with your girlfriends."

"This allows women to ask questions they may not make that doctor's appointment to go ask," added Leigh Ann Dukes, MWR sponsorship manager. "A lot of people we talked to said it was great to have so many people in one place so you don't have to take several doctor's trips."

Tammie Maddox attended the health fair to get ideas for a similar event she is planning as the occupational administrator for one of the contractors on post, but "I'm benefiting from it as well," she said.

Maddox said she was training for a marathon and waiting on the arrival of her first granddaughter, so being healthy and eating a healthy diet were important to her. One of the vendors she was most interested in at the fair was Advocare -- a nutrition company that offers energy, weight loss, sports performance and overall health products.

"I go to a gym, but I think something like that would be beneficial," she said.

Towandra Grant, with Army Fleet Services, came to the health fair for the screenings.

"I exercise a lot so I try to do the body mass index screening to see if I'm on track with exercising and eating right," she said as she waited in line for a nerve flow screening offered by Hollowell Chiropractic Clinic.

"We scan the muscles for electrical activity in the muscles that tell us if you have healthy nerve flow," explained Jules Brunson, a massage therapist with the clinic. "Everything in our body is connected by nerves, so when we start developing symptoms, and our body always gives us symptoms, that there could be something wrong, this little machine that we have here detects the nerve flow to let us know what's going on with the body."

Daily activities, such as looking down at a computer screen or a book, can change the structure of the spine, she said. This can put pressure on nerves and cause symptoms like headaches, tension and similar ailments.

Every person who did a nerve flow screening received a printout of the results and a voucher for a free 20-minute massage at the clinic.

Other vendors were also giving out discounts and door prizes in addition to the 100 gym and diaper bags distributed by the event organizers.

Another annual event, the men's health fair, is coming up in June. The event will be similar to the women's health fair but will feature a Mixed Martial Arts demonstration, said Dukes.

The men's health fair will also feature a "ride and drive" event where local car dealerships will bring new cars to the physical fitness facility for test drives, Erdlitz added.

"It's a great opportunity to come out, stay healthy, stay fit and get a lot of great information," she added.