Members of the public, academia, media and military community are invited to attend an academic symposium for graduate students studying national defense, security studies and related fields at 8:45 a.m., May 17 on Fort Bragg, N.C.

The symposium's theme is "Challenges in the Contemporary Security Environment: Different Disciplines, Different Approaches." The event is sponsored jointly by the National Defense University's College of International Security Affairs, the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School and the Triangle Institute for Security Studies.

Four panels related to the symposium's theme will be held throughout the day. The schedule below outlines the topics and presenters schedule to appear.

9 a.m. -- Panel I: Regional Security Topics, chaired by David Allen of Fayetteville State University and featuring Vida Bajc of Methodist University.

"From Violence to Peace: The United Kingdom and Irish Republican Army's Political Evolution," Josh Thyer, National Defense University.

"A Terrorizing Relationship -- Israel vs. Iran," Stefan Haus, East Carolina University.

"The Limits of Power: Hezbollah and the Future of Lebanon," James Anderson, National Defense University.

"Reinforcing Weakness: Governance and Religion in Nigeria," Mike Cuza, National Defense University.

10:30 a.m. -- Panel II: International Security Issues, chaired by Carmine Scavo of East Carolina University and featuring Wingyan Chung of Fayetteville State University.

"Insurgency and Counterinsurgency: Actors, Relationships and the Nature of the Conflict," Jared Wilson, National Defense University.

"NATO SOF Partner Capacity Building and the Long War on Terrorism," Jeremy Lane, George C. Marshall Center in Garmisch, Germany.

"Distinguishing Perimortem and Postmortem Fracture Patterns in a Mass Grave Scenario," Kenda Honeycutt, N.C. State University.

"Using Web Analytics to profile U.S. Domestic Terrorist Websites," Nandeesh Kaggere, Fayetteville State University.

"US-China Relations: Five Principals of Persistent Conflict," Jason Ghormley, National Defense University.

1:15 p.m. -- Panel III: Security Theory and Practice, chaired by Carolyn Pumphrey of Duke University and featuring Alethia Cook of East Carolina University.

"Re-Thinking Geography and Civil War: Geography and Revel Identity," Matthew Thomas, Duke University.

"Narratives at the Root of Nationalism: How Identity Changes a State within a Post-Westphalian World," Amie Shomette, National Defense University.

"Rhetoric as a Form of Cross-Cultural Intelligence in Conflict Resolution," Charlie King, N.C. State University.

"Redefining Human Security: A Feminist Approach," Summer Forester, Appalachian State University.

"States, States-Unions, and Security: A Theory of Federalism," Make Hazell, National Defense University.

3 p.m. -- Panel IV: Domestic Security Issues, chaired by Lt. Col. David Walton of SWCS and featuring Carolyne Davidson of the National Defense University.

"Securing U.S. Army Capabilities in an Era of Hybrid Conflicts: Adapting to Change," Emma Garcia, N.C. State University.

"Implications for U.S. National Security Policy in Addressing International Terrorism: Utilizing Military and Law Enforcement Operations in Conjunction with Soft Power," Julian Montaquila, East Carolina University.

"The Future of Stability Operations," Doug Hess, National Defense University.

"Fortunes for the Bold: Entrepreneurs Exploiting Opportunity, New Organizational Populations and the Emergence of the Private Military and Security Industry," Joe Bongiovi, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill.

"From Public Diplomacy to Foreign Interaction: Transforming U.S. Strategic Influence," Charles Brown, National Defense University.

All panels will be held in the John F. Kennedy Auditorium, which is located on the corner of Ardennes Rd. and Reilly Rd. on Fort Bragg, which is open to U.S. citizens with valid identification, and foreign nationals when accompanied by persons with military credentials or Fort Bragg access privileges. Members of the media must coordinate with a SWCS public-affairs representative in order to attend the event.

Media interested in covering the event should contact the SWCS public affairs office at (910) 396-9394, or e-mail