LTG Bill Grisoli speaks at AUSA - Richmond
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LTG Bill Grisoli Speaks 2012 AUSA Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) Sustainment Symposium and Exposition.

LTG Grisoli, Director of the Office of Business Transformation (OBT), discussed the importance of adapting to the changing economic environment in the context of cost culture versus budget culture, and the need for an enterprise mindset for senior leaders and decision makers. He described the efforts of the OBT to work towards improvements in effectiveness, cost savings, value and balance in the Army through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

LTG Grisoli addressed the challenge set forth by the Secretary of Defense and other Senior Department of Defense and Army leaders towards the need for business process improvements and cost savings. Through collaboration and synchronization, innovation, culture adjustments, metrics and training, the Army must work towards defining clear strategies and solutions.

LTG Grisoli focused on the value of innovation, the necessity of adaptability, improving efficiencies, and maximizing effectiveness to provide trained and ready forces in a constrained resource environment. He praised the logistics enterprise leadership and the logistics community at-large for taking an active role in driving innovation, asset visibility, accountability and efficiency improvement, especially due to their tighter correlation to the civilian business best practice as compared to other business mission areas.

LTG Grisoli also challenged the industry partners to assist the Army in improving the efficiencies across the 15 end-to-end (E2E) business processes. The Army has 1400+ operational activities mapped to each of their E2E processes. Each operational activity is further subdivided into discrete process steps, numbered at over 10,000+. At each of these levels, there are opportunities for industry partners to improve efficiency.