Mike Holcomb may report directly to the Army Contracting Command chief of staff, but don't tell that to any of the ACC and Expeditionary Contracting Command employees on the Redstone Arsenal compound where he is the commandant.

As the Redstone Arsenal compound commandant, Holcomb has the daunting task of satisfying each of the more than 300 inhabitants on a daily basis.

That includes his supervisor, Chief of Staff Col. Jeff Gabbert.

The commandant's position grew into a section comprised of Master Sgt. Gustavas Dampier as the noncommissioned officer in charge, Karla Loyd as the supply technician with temporary help from ACC Installation and Logistic's Ray Gray managing facilities.

"The commandant section's responsibilities extend to wherever ACC and ECC employees are on the compound and sometimes off," Holcomb said. "I love my job and the satisfaction I get from helping people. The downfall to the job is the more responsibility and workload that my section takes on, the less time I get to interact with the workforce."

Initially, the Sacramento, Calif., native said his position dealt more with space management and supplies. Now leading a section, his team does everything from overseeing ACC-occupied firing ranges to adjusting the temperature in the relocatables. That means developing a close working relationship with everyone from the directors to the contracted custodial staff.

"I get and respond to phone calls and emails on a daily basis from command personnel needing help," Holcomb said. "It might be obtaining an ergonomic chair or it might be helping to secure a firing range. It doesn't matter. I'm here to try to make their lives a little easier while at work."