MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- The Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility/Area Maintenance Support Activity will have a new home early next year in Millington, Tenn. The official ground breaking ceremony was held on May 5 at the new site of a 38,169 square foot facility on 19 acres of land. The TEMF/AMSA will include 750 sq. ft. Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant storage area, a 375 sq. ft. hazardous material storage area and a 4,150 sq. ft. unheated storage area. The event was hosted by Col. (Ret) Dr. Sherman R. Reed, the Army Reserve Ambassador for Tennessee. Reed expressed what an important part TEMFs and AMSAs play in the workforce. "The Army Reserve has a very vital and special mission connected with the United States Army," said Reed. The total Army force cannot be total anymore without the United States Army Reserve, so many of the assets that it takes to sustain a combat force are located in the Army Reserve. This new facility will be replacing two facilities in Millington that were damaged during a flood that occurred in 2010. This project wasn't supposed to start until 2017 but adjustments were made to accommodate those Soldiers and units who had lost everything from the flood. "Mr. Manley (supervisor for the TEMF/AMSA), you and your folks are going to inherit a great place to work in," said Col. Patrick Briley, the regional engineer for the 81st Regional Support Command Directorate of Public Works. "I appreciate you and your mechanics for what you do for us, keeping the Army Reserve ready and able to go when they are called upon." Billy Manley will be responsible for 9 units and 603 pieces of equipment pieces of equipment when the building finally opens. "The existing facility is approximately 9,000 sq. ft. and the new building is 38,169 sq. ft.," Manley said. This facility will give the unit the ability to house not just the Soldiers but assist them in improving their customer service. Each Soldier and military technician will have the most updated facility and equipment to accomplish each mission. "With the change to better and bigger equipment the Army Reserve is getting, the old facility can barely accommodate it." Manley continued. "Once we are in the new facility we will be able to better serve our customers." The project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2013.