KRAKOW, POLAND -- A visit to the prestigious 6th Airborne Brigade by Lt. Col. Jerzy Zubr, TRADOC Liaison Officer to Spain, Portugal, and Poland, April 18-20, to discuss future TRADOC cooperation proposals culminated with a presentation to Zubr of the Polish army Parachute Badge.

According to Zubr, the visit proved extremely rewarding on a personal level. His parents were forced out of Poland during World War II. His father, Feliks Zubr, fought against the Nazis and Soviets while serving in the Polish Home army until 1946. After the fall of communism, he was recognized for his achievements by the Polish government by receiving several awards for patriotism and valor.

"Representing the U.S. Army and TRADOC in the land of my parents, and earning a
Polish army skill badge, is an unforgettable and symbolic event that highlights the triumph of freedom and democracy," said Zubr.

A U.S. Army airborne jumpmaster, Zubr conducted refresher training to include three static-line jumps, and spent time visiting a number of instruction facilities to speak and train with soldiers of the 6th Brigade. An office call with Col. Tomasz Piekarski, deputy brigade commander was held to exchange ideas and discuss TRADOC's cooperation proposals for the near future.

The 6th Brigade is a high-readiness unit with a long tradition of overseas operations, to include a recent battalion-level deployment to Afghanistan. The purpose of last month's visit was to engage and assist the Polish brigade as they develop a shared understanding of their experience as a coalition partner.