Our mission is to effectively and efficiently develop, acquire, field, and sustain materiel
by leveraging domestic and international, organic, and commercial technologies and
capabilities to meet the Army's current and future mission requirements.

Our vision is to equip and sustain the world's most capable, powerful,
and respected Army.

Our first responsibility is to the Soldier who protects and preserves our Nation. We
strive to meet the needs of the Soldier at war while innovating to respond to the
rapidly evolving threat environment. In meeting the needs of Soldiers, who are
deployed by combatant commanders to put their boots on the ground, we ensure the
production of the highest-quality capabilities -- to provide the right product, at the right
place, and at the right time. As the single decision authority on all matters regarding
acquisition, we ensure that America's Army is equipped for the 21st century.

Our second responsibility is to the Acquisition Workforce, the men and women who
work daily to ensure quality products for the Soldier. We must ensure the readiness
and sustainment of a professional civilian and military workforce. We must promote
leadership and professional development within this workforce. We must ensure that
individual skill sets are matched with relevant work requirements. We must promote
an environment of open communication, in which our workforce can excel in their
vital roles to equip and sustain the world's premier fighting force.

Our next responsibility is to our partners -- Army, Joint, Industry, International, and
Academia. We work with our partners to develop, acquire, deliver, and sustain weapon
systems and capabilities for Soldiers. We must collaborate effectively to ensure our
Soldiers are rapidly equipped with the products they need. We must work closely
with our partners to continually improve the quality and interoperability of
Army capabilities.

Our final responsibility is to the American Public. We must be good stewards of
taxpayer dollars and work continuously to achieve the highest levels of effectiveness
and efficiency in our business processes. We must communicate effectively to those
who represent the public to ensure they understand the impact that ASA(ALT) and
the Acquisition Enterprise have on their constituents. We must remain connected to
the people we serve and the communities we depend upon for support.