U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal, Mich. -- The Detroit Arsenal recently recognized installation volunteers at a Volunteer Recognition Luncheon April 20 at Mulligan's on Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

Volunteers logged nearly $1 million in volunteer hours during the past year and it is extremely evident that there are an immense amount of amazing people who are willing to share of themselves. These people in their own right are heroes to society. These individuals are truly altruistic, only wishing to help others and often so shy that they would prefer to provide their time quietly and attempt to avoid others "making a big deal" about their selfless acts.

It is a kind and priceless gift that volunteers provide to society and humanity at large: The spouse who gives their time to those in need rather than to take part in any selfish act for themselves; there are so many retirees with a lifetime of knowledge and they opt to not allow their knowledge to be lost once they have left their paid-professional life; the veteran who decides to share their wisdom and counsel with the younger servicemembers and military family members. These volunteers, all of them, who share their time and their life with those who can benefit, are definitely amazing. They amaze others by not thinking about things like "what can you do for me" but instead "how can I help you," and this is very refreshing in these difficult economic times.

Of course, each person has their own tailored reason for being that amazing-volunteer. Jenny Downey, Army Community Service volunteer coordinator, said it best when she shared, with a smile, "If you ask a hundred volunteers why they volunteer you're going to get a hundred different reasons." That would mean that there are more than 700 reasons that people volunteer in-and-around the Detroit Arsenal and Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

The event was also used to recognize this year's top volunteers.

This year's youth volunteer of the year recipient was Matthew King. King had a tremendous impact on the Child and Youth Services program at DTA. He has been instrumental in the youth sports program by volunteering his time to coach, referee, and umpire sports programs ranging from football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and floor hockey. His commitment to these activities not only helped mentor youth in the programs but allowed the program to offer significantly more sports activities because of his dedication and involvement.

Additionally, he has been deeply committed to the Middle School and Teen program and as volunteered for the majority of projects this group takes on. They include: Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Detroit Children's Hospital, Shelby Township Senior Center, Vista Maria, Crossroads of Detroit, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, 4-H MSU-Extension Garden Project, Second Hand Rose, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Earthworks Community Garden.

This year's adult volunteer of the year was Tiffany Hall. Hall has logged more than 300 hours to the DTA chapel. She has answered the call of duty time and again, without waiver, and always enthusiastically. She assisted with the weekly Bible study classes, the Women's Ministry Meetings, the Chaplain's Mission Team, the Council of Christian Fellowship and a variety of programs sponsored by the chaplain's office to include the Annual Prayer Breakfast.

She coordinates and organizes other chapel volunteers and makes certain that they receive the credit they are due for their hard work. Her work is essential the success of the chaplain's mission and can be counted on when the chaplain is called away for travel or to attend to families. She has been dedicated to serving the DTA population and ensures the opportunity to practice freedom of religion throughout our installation.

If you would like to join the ranks of the amazing individuals described above and you have a caring-heart then feel free to contact us about how you can also help others with your knowledge/life-experience. Call the ACS Volunteer Coordinator, at 586-282-0483, to start or restart your journey as a volunteer. Also, just in case you did not know, you may also review Detroit Arsenal's ACS videos, which can be found on Youtube - channel "ACS2826960Outreach"