CAMP BULLIS, Texas -- "I want to be able to lead my Soldiers the way my NCOs are leading me."

Those words helped sum up Pfc. Jacob Durski's excellent performance at the 2012 Installation Management Command Best Warrior Competition here, April 24.

Durski, a training supervisor for the Yongsan Garrison helipad operations section, finished 2nd place out of five junior enlisted Soldiers competing for the title of IMCOM Best Warrior, shrugging off an ankle injury to stay in the competition and gain the runner-up spot.

The road to the competition in Texas began long before the plane ride from Seoul, South Korea. Durski had set himself apart earlier in the year by being named USAG Yongsan Soldier of the Year and then going on to compete against others for the regional title. After training and demonstrating his skills against his competitors, he was named IMCOM Pacific Soldier of the Year, which sealed his position in the Best Warrior competition.

During the competition, after he began his morning with a pre-dawn PT test, Durski described that the training aspect was one of the more notable things he'd take away from the competition.

"I don't have a lot of opportunity to experience training opportunities like this," Durski told the reporter. "One day you may need this. It's been good training all around."

Though his place in the competition was proof of his exceptional service, Durski thought of his time at the competition as upholding a tradition of service in the Military.

"My grandfather retired as a colonel, my mom served four years, my father six, and my great grandfather was a colonel during Vietnam," Durski said. "Service is part of our family legacy."

Now Durski gets to come back to Yongsan Garrison and the Helipad operations section with knowledge and experience that few Soldiers have under his belt, prepared to continue his efforts to be a better Soldier.