SCHWEINFURT, Germany - The U.S. Army Garrison Schweinfurt Child and Youth Sports programs recently received more than $20,000 in grants from the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA).

"We're out actively trying to get money into the community to provide health and fitness options to our youth," said Daniel Jones, Schweinfurt Youth Sports director, who submitted justifications to BGCA to be considered for the grants.

The first of three grants, a $2,500 National Football League fund grant, is to be used for equipment and to continue improvements underway with the flag football program according to Jones.

The second $5,000 grant came via the major league baseball Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program, will be largely used for purchase of uniforms, program improvements and field maintenance, Jones said.

The final $15,000 grant, not attached to a specific sport, is the BGCA triple play grant.

"It's broken down into mind, body, and soul," rather than benefitting a single sport, Jones said. "This is also part of the health and fitness needs of the community."

For example, parents will be encouraged to participate and learn healthy eating habits with the children.

"I think it's great, actually. The benefit is that we're going to be able to give kids more depth in programs we already offer," said Adio Toliver, the YS program assistant, who helped Jones write the justifications and requests.

The bottom line, according to Jones, is to get children to participate.

"It's about getting the kids into the centers," he said.